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Quick Start
+For a live demo, go to <>.
+The following controls are available:
+* Mouse drag: pan.
+* Mouse wheel: zoom in/out.
+* Shift+mouse drag mouse: rotate.
+* `u`: flip map upside down.
+* `r`: reset rotation.
+* `i`: toggle interim tiles on or off.
+* `f`: cycle fragment shader (image processing effects). Available effects are: none, grayscale, invert, hue/saturation, hexagonalize, pop art. While on the hue/saturation effect you can use `h`/`H` to decrease/increase hue, `s`/`S` to decrease/increase saturation, and `0` to reset the hue and saturation to their default values.
+* `v`: cycle vertex shader (transformation effects). Available effects are: none, simple stretch, and wobble.
WebGL Maps is a weekend proof-of-concept project for learning WebGL and demonstrating WebGL's application to web mapping.
To get started:

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