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Available endpoints

If you visit the server on the configured port (default 8080) you can see your maps appearing in the browser.


  • Styles are served at /styles/{id}/style.json (+ array at /styles.json)
    • Sprites at /styles/{id}/sprite[@2x].{format}
    • Fonts at /fonts/{fontstack}/{start}-{end}.pbf

Rendered tiles

  • Rendered tiles are served at /styles/{id}/{z}/{x}/{y}[@2x].{format}
    • The optional @2x (or @3x, @4x) part can be used to render HiDPI (retina) tiles
    • Available formats: png, jpg (jpeg), webp
    • TileJSON at /styles/{id}.json
  • The rendered tiles are not available in the tileserver-gl-light version.

WMTS Capabilities

  • WMTS Capabilities are served at /styles/{id}/wmts.xml

Static images

  • Several endpoints:
    • /styles/{id}/static/{lon},{lat},{zoom}[@{bearing}[,{pitch}]]/{width}x{height}[@2x].{format} (center-based)
    • /styles/{id}/static/{minx},{miny},{maxx},{maxy}/{width}x{height}[@2x].{format} (area-based)
    • /styles/{id}/static/auto/{width}x{height}[@2x].{format} (autofit path -- see below)
  • All the static image endpoints additionally support following query parameters:
    • path - comma-separated lng,lat, pipe-separated pairs
      • e.g. 5.9,45.8|5.9,47.8|10.5,47.8|10.5,45.8|5.9,45.8
    • latlng - indicates the path coordinates are in lat,lng order rather than the usual lng,lat
    • fill - color to use as the fill (e.g. red, rgba(255,255,255,0.5), #0000ff)
    • stroke - color of the path stroke
    • width - width of the stroke
    • padding - "percetange" padding for fitted endpoints (area-based and path autofit)
      • value of 0.1 means "add 10% size to each side to make sure the area of interest is nicely visible"
  • You can also use (experimental) /styles/{id}/static/raw/... endpoints with raw spherical mercator coordinates (EPSG:3857) instead of WGS84.
  • The static images are not available in the tileserver-gl-light version.

Source data

  • Source data are served at /data/{mbtiles}/{z}/{x}/{y}.{format}
    • Format depends on the source file (usually png or pbf)
      • geojson is also available (useful for inspecting the tiles) in case the original format is pbf
    • TileJSON at /data/{mbtiles}.json

TileJSON arrays

Array of all TileJSONs is at /index.json (/rendered.json; /data.json)

List of available fonts

Array of names of the available fonts is at /fonts.json

Health check

Endpoint reporting health status is at /health and currently returns:

  • 503 Starting - for a short period before everything is initialized
  • 200 OK - when the server is running