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Design of the Vehicle Signal Ontology VSSo and example of use with SOSA/SSN and STEP

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VSSo: the Vehicle Signal Specification Ontology

This repository contains the research project carried out around the development, extension and usage of VSSo. VSSo is an ontology created from the GENIVI's Vehicle Signal Specification. It also relies on the SOSA patterns for observations and actuations.

More precisely, the VSSo ontology is available in Turtle and corresponds to the release 1.0 of VSS

A quick start

The repository is structured as follows:

  • docs: This folder contains the html documentation of VSSo, automatically generated using WIDOCO. The rendered page is also available at
  • rdf-generation: This folder contains the script for generating VSSo but also extending it according to the priciple of private branches described in the vehicle signal specification

We provide a list of competency question that served to evaluate VSSo. These competency questions are expressed when possible as SPARQL queries that can be executed on any datasets using the VSSo ontology, such as


If you use VSSo in a scientific publication, we would appreciate citations to the following paper:

    author={Benjamin Klotz and Raphael Troncy and Daniel Wilms and Christian Bonnet},
    title={{VSSo - A vehicle signal and attribute ontology}},
    booktitle={9th International Semantic Sensor Networks Workshop (SSN)}


The code is licensed under the Apache-2.0 License. The VSSo ontology is licensed under the CC 4.0 Licence.