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DISE Dashboard

Dashboard for Dise data to allow interactive dise data gathering

API Documentation -

Deploying DISE dashboard

DISE dashboard app still uses Python 2.7. Make sure to create a virtual environment with Python 2.x. Install requirements and then run the server using a standard systemctl gunicorn service.

To create a virtual environment:

virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python2 venv

Backing up and restoring database

This is what I do as of now. For backing up -

pg_dump -Ox -h localhost -U klp klpdise_olap > klp/dise/backups/klpdise_olap-2013-11-08-0241-full.pgsql

For restoring the same -

sudo psql -U klp -h localhost klpdise_olap < klpdise_olap-2013-11-08-0241-full.pgsql


  1. General

    • Rural
    • Urban
    • Government
    • Private
  2. Facility (negatives only)

    • Without Pucca Building
    • Classrooms needing repair
    • Without Toilets
    • Without Girls Toilets
    • Without Electricity
    • Without Secure Wall
    • Without Mid-Day-Meal
    • Without Drinking Water
    • Without Medical Checkup
    • Without Library
    • Without Blackboard
    • Without Playground
    • Without Ramps
  3. Teachers

    • Without separate room for HM
    • Without HM
  4. RTE

    • Without SDMC Constituted
    • Without SDMC Meetings
    • Without Text Books
    • With Children from Weaker Section Enrolled (PVT only)
  5. Compound Indicators

    • With enrolment < 25
    • With PTR > 35
    • With Girls:Boys Gender ratio < 1
  6. Range Indicators

    • With the number of class rooms between [] and []
    • With the number of Teacher between [] and []
    • With number of girls in class [] between [] and [____]
    • With number of boys in class [] between [] and [____]