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A fast way to get Accumulo up and running on your local machine. Well, it's not really that fast but hopefully it's a bit less painful than it can be.

It uses git submodules to track the necessary repos/branches from github:

  • accumulo (1.4.1)
  • hadoop-common (release-
  • zookeeper (release-3.3.6)

It then downloads all the source from github, compiles it, and fills in some config files for you.



  • working Java installation
  • ant
  • maven2
  • password-less ssh setup

Get the repo, setup submodules

 git clone
 cd adevcloud
 git submodule init
 git submodule update

now go get a cup of coffee or tea or redbull...

Compile everything

These are the commands in the script. You can run that and walk away for a while if you don't want to step through and wait for each build.


 cd hadoop-common
 ant binary
 tar xvf ./build/hadoop- -C ../.
 cd ..


 cd zookeeper
 ant binary
 tar xvf ./build/zookeeper-3.3.6-bin.tar.gz -C ../.
 cd ..


 cd accumulo
 mvn package && mvn assembly:single -N
 tar xvf target/accumulo-1.4.1-dist.tar.gz -C ../.
 cd ..

Set config files

The script will prompt for directories where you want various files stored on the local filesystem. It then adds the appropriate values and copies config files where they need to go. Just pressing Enter will accept the default values.

 $ ./ 
      Hadoop Namenode Data Location : 
      ( /foo/bar/adevcloud/data/hadoop/nn ) > 
      Hadoop Datanode Data Location : 
      ( /foo/bar/adevcloud/data/hadoop/dn ) > 
      Map/Reduce Data Location : 
      ( /foo/bar/adevcloud/data/hadoop/mr ) > 
      Zookeeper Data Location : 
      ( /foo/bar/adevcloud/data/zookeeper ) > 

This script also sets the appropriate environment variables in your .bashrc file

Init Hadoop

From a new terminal

 $ /foo/bar/adevcloud/hadoop- namenode -format

Start Hadoop, Zookeeper

 $ /foo/bar/adevcloud/hadoop-
 $ /foo/bar/adevcloud/zookeeper-3.3.6/bin/ start

Init Accumulo

 $ /foo/bar/adevcloud/accumulo-1.4.1/bin/accumulo init

this will prompt for an instance name and password for the Accumulo root user

Start Accumulo

 $ /foo/bar/adevcloud/accumulo-1.4.1/bin/

Now go do something with Accumulo

$ /foo/bar/adevcloud/accumulo-1.4.1/bin/accumulo shell -u root


git clone
cd adevcloud
git submodule init
git submodule update
./accumulo-1.4.1/bin/accumulo shell -u root
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