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How to make changes to the website, and get it merged into upstream:

  1. Fork the project on GitHub, so that you have your own copy of the project to play with.

  2. Make the changes that you want and split the changes up into logical commits. Don't forget to signoff on them.

  3. Please read and try to follow Documentation/SubmittingPatches. Since 'git-send-email' will not work from behind a restrictive firewall, either send one of the website maintainers an email with the patches attached, or send a "Pull Request" on GitHub if there are >10 commits.

  4. Alternatively, if you think the changes will impact KLUG siginificantly, or you feel that your changes require discussion, please post the patches to the mailing list.

  5. The website maintainers will download the patches from their email inboxes, and apply them with git-am. They might choose to make minor changes or drop a few patches before pushing them to upstream. They will reply to your email with a rationale if necessary. Please pull the latest code from upstream to see your commits.

Thanks, and enjoy contributing!

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