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Welcome to KLUG.

KLUG is an abbreviation for Kharagpur Linux Users' Group. We chose this acronym not because the founders are linux fanboys (they are, but that is incidental) but because "Linux User Group" is a popular idiom for local hacker and programmer groups; which is what we pretend to be. Read on for The Truth (TM).

Our view on hacking

Hacking isn't really about computers -- it is about logically coercing a system to do what we want it to do. Within this definition Joyce hacked the English language and Freud the human mind just as much as Torvalds hacked his computer. Everyone doing something likely to be interesting to an educated audience is welcome to join klug.

What do we do?

KLUG is infrastructure, not policy. We don't have common goals (or a fest!) that we work towards. This is both good and bad.

This is good since within KLUG, the usefulness of your work is a matter of taste; and as they say, there is no right taste or bad taste, just good taste and bad taste.

This is bad since you, individually, cannot depend on KLUG for direction. We're anarchists, and some people may find that disorienting (and maybe even offensive).

What we do offer is networking with people doing interesting things -- in a way, KLUG is like Facebook or LinkedIn but waaay cooler. It is like a beehive with no queen bee. It is the coffee-house where people loudly argue about useless things.

How do I join?

To participate, join the mailing list, the #klug-devel Freenode IRC channel (using this). The IRC channel is publicly logged and the mailing list archives are also publicly available. Watch for announcements about meetings on the mailing list.

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