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Welcome to Anodyne


Live Demo Here

Features Overview

  • Responsive
  • Disqus comments
  • Google Analytics
  • Tags Support
  • Responsive Images
  • Responsive YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Social Accounts configuration
  • Pagination
  • Pages
  • Categories Support (widget)
  • About widget
  • Recent posts widget
  • Stylus CSS preprocessor
  • ejs HTML templates

Note: No Image Gallery. Useless and too heavyweight. Feel free to develop one and send me a PR if you feel like this is a must.

External libraries used


Install the theme

Install the theme by using:

$ git clone themes/anodyne

Then update your blog's main _config.yml to set the theme to anodyne:


# Extensions
## Plugins:
## Themes:
theme: anodyne

Post Configuration

Each post supports the standard title, date, categories, tags.

Post Icon

On top of that, you can specify a custom font-Awesome icon in the front matter:


title: Welcome to Anodyne
tags: ["ThisIsATag", "Intro", "Welcome", "Anodyne"]
categories: ["Configuration", "Hexo"]
icon: fa-handshake-o

Theme Configuration

The theme's global configuration is done in /themes/hexo-theme-anodyne/_config.yml.


The menu is configured in the theme's _config.yml.

# Header
  Home: /
  Archives: /archives
  About: /about.html

The object key is the label and the value is the path.

Blog's Logo Image Source

The blog's logo is configured in the theme's _config.yml.

It should be an image or svg

# Logo
logo_image_source: /assets/anodyne.svg

Footer About Section Text

The About section's text in the footer is configured in the theme's _config.yml. HTML allowed.

# Footer about
footer_about: "@Untitled. All right reserved"

Default post title

The default post title (used when no title is specified) is configured in the theme's _config.yml.

default_post_title: Untitled

Default post icon

The default post icon (used when no icon is specified) is configured in the theme's _config.yml.

default_post_icon: fa-file-text-o

Home page configuration

Likewise, you can configure the home page's title, subtitle and icon in the _config.yml

# Index Page
index_banner_text: Welcome to Anodyne
index_banner_text_secondary: Create Websites. Make Magic.
index_font_awesome_icon_css: fa fa-magic

Archive Date Format

You can change the date format for the archive page if you so desire

# Archive Date Format
archive_date_format: MMM YYYY

Disqus Comments

The disqus shortname is specified in the theme's _config.yml.

# Comments.
  # Disqus comments
  disqus_shortname: yournametest

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics Tracking ID is configured in the theme's _config.yml.

# Google Analytics Tracking ID

Social Account

Setup the links to your social pages in the theme's _config.yml as an array of objects. Links are in the footer.


# Social Accounts
  - url:
    fa_icon: fa-twitter
  - url:
    fa_icon: fa-facebook
  - url:
    fa_icon: fa-dribbble 
  - url:
    fa_icon: fa-github


This theme was created by Jonathan Klughertz, check out my github and blog.


If you have a question, feature request or a bug you need me to fix, please click here to file an issue.



Enjoy :)