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Chicken-Scheme support for Artificial Intelligence: a Modern Approach
Scheme R
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tests Test random-map. Note about the meetup Use hahn.
aima-core.scm define-record-and-printer
aima-csp.scm Export shuffle.
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aima-search.scm Remove the dependency on debug.
aima-tessellation-core.scm Use numbers, +inf.0, -inf.0.
aima-tessellation.R We haven't put debug up on CRAN, yet; I forgot.
aima-tessellation.scm Remove the dependency on debug.
aima-vacuum-core.scm Docs
aima-vacuum.scm Remove the dependency on debug.
aima.meta Actually use hahn.
aima.pdf Docs
aima.release-info 0.9.14
aima.scm Remove the dependency on debug.
aima.setup Actually use hahn. Fix dependency-link.

We’d like to create an environment in Chicken Scheme to do the exercises for AIMA [1].

Meet us at the LA Computer Science Reading Group, if you’d like to follow along.


[1] Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig. 2009. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (3rd ed.).

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