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Do not keep dragging around bound variables in result objects - extra…

…ct what's needed and drop the rest
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Peter Bex
Peter Bex committed May 10, 2011
1 parent 4b19ca8 commit b0388d921289edc5f2d1505c98b7d618934bfc5d
Showing with 8 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +8 −10 freetds.scm
@@ -872,7 +872,8 @@ with the FreeTDS egg. If not, see <>.
;; TODO: Memory leak when send! or add-param! fails
(receive (bound-vars rows)
(consume-results-and-bind-variables connection command*)
- (let ((result (make-freetds-result command* bound-vars rows)))
+ (let* ((column-names (map freetds-bound-variable-name bound-vars))
+ (result (make-freetds-result command* column-names rows)))
(set-finalizer! result result-cleanup!)
@@ -902,20 +903,19 @@ with the FreeTDS egg. If not, see <>.
;;;; Result processing
- (define-record freetds-result command-ptr bound-vars rows)
+ (define-record freetds-result command-ptr column-names rows)
(define result? freetds-result?)
(define (cancel-command! cmd*)
(cancel* #f cmd* (foreign-value "CS_CANCEL_ALL" CS_INT)))
(define (result-cleanup! result)
- (and-let* ((command* (freetds-result-command-ptr result))
- (bound-vars (freetds-result-bound-vars result)))
+ (and-let* ((command* (freetds-result-command-ptr result)))
(cancel-command! command*)
(drop-command! command*)
- (freetds-result-rows-set! result #f)
(freetds-result-command-ptr-set! result #f)
- (freetds-result-bound-vars-set! result #f))
+ (freetds-result-column-names-set! result #f)
+ (freetds-result-rows-set! result #f))
;; The results returned by ct_results are not complete result sets,
@@ -1123,11 +1123,9 @@ with the FreeTDS egg. If not, see <>.
(freetds-error 'row-fetch "fetch! returned unknown retcode" retcode)))))
(define (column-name result #!optional (column-number 0))
- (freetds-bound-variable-name
- (list-ref (freetds-result-bound-vars result) column-number)))
+ (list-ref (freetds-result-column-names result) column-number))
- (define (column-names result)
- (map freetds-bound-variable-name (freetds-result-bound-vars result)))
+ (define column-names freetds-result-column-names)
(define (result-row result #!optional (row-number 0))
(vector-ref (freetds-result-rows result) row-number))

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