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(use cock

(include "heap.scm")
(include "heap-core.scm")

(define (element-copy element)
  (make-element (element-key element)
                (element-datum element)))

(define (heap-copy heap)
  (let ((copy (make-heap
               (heap->? heap)
               (heap-<? heap)
               (heap-inf heap)
               (make-vector (heap-length heap))
               (heap-size heap)
               (hash-table-copy (heap-membership heap)))))
     (lambda (i x)
       (let ((element (vector-ref (heap-data heap) i)))
         (when (element? element)
           (vector-set! (heap-data copy) i (element-copy element)))))
     (heap-data heap))

(define (heap->list heap)
  ;; Or can we work on the data directly?
  (let ((heap (heap-copy heap)))
    (do ((list '() (cons (heap-extract-extremum! heap) list)))
        ((heap-empty? heap) list))))

(define (heap->alist heap)
  (let ((heap (heap-copy heap)))
    (do ((list
          (let ((datum (heap-extremum heap)))
            (alist-cons (heap-key heap datum)
                        (heap-extract-extremum! heap)
        ((heap-empty? heap) list))))

(let ((heap (make-max-heap)))
  (do-times i 10 (let ((x (random 1000))) (heap-insert! heap x x)))
   (heap->list heap)
   (heap->alist heap)

Some reasonable error when we take the extremum of an empty heap.

  • CLOSING NOTE [2013-03-18 Mon 13:59]
    We had it for heap-extract-extremum! but not for heap-extremum.

Need a heap-size.

heap-fold, heap-merge, &c.?

What about heap-map, heap-for-each, heap-filter, heap-copy?

Simplify the API with key + datum and multiple values.

Remove the composite with accessor and mutator.

In heap-change-key!, should the key or datum go first?

heap-key/datum: is this the right model?

If we were dealing in e.g. composite key-data or multiple values, would this be necessary?

Maybe we should have called this thing priority-queue.

I’m thinking of undoing the general heap operations.

heap-extract-extremum! to heap-extremum!?

Why not modify heap-insert! to take a key and datum?

Forget about this composite element-thing with accessors; in that case, I suppose, heap-extremum and heap-extract-extremum! would return two values: key and datum.

What about cases with identical data but different priority?

  • CLOSING NOTE [2012-10-01 Mon 01:36]
    We’re enforcing the unique datum constraint; if you add an element whose datum exists, we adjust the key.

Should we hash on datum and priority?

With identical elements, it’s possible that the heap and membership table are in an inconsistent state: if you delete one of the elements, the membership table will claim it doesn’t exist.

We’re going to have to histogram it, therefore, and store both count and index in the membership table. Deleting from the table altogether on zero (but that’s an optimization).

I have the feeling, too, that we should be doing membership on key×datum.

Don’t expose the .../index functions.

We only really care about data, don’t we? .../index is implementation.

Membership testing with an adherent hash-table?

Use vectors instead of lists.

(use (only aima define-record-and-printer)

(define (parent i)
  (- (inexact->exact (floor (/ (+ i 1) 2))) 1))

(define (left i)
  (+ (* 2 i) 1))

(define (right i)
  (+ (* 2 i) 1 1))

(define-record-and-printer heap

(define (heap-length heap)
  (vector-length (heap-data heap)))

(define (heap-ref heap i)
  (vector-ref (heap-data heap) i))

(define (heap-set! heap i x)
  (vector-set! (heap-data heap) i x))

(define (heap-swap! heap i j)
  (vector-swap! (heap-data heap) i j))

(define (heapify! heap i)
  (let ((heap->? (heap->? heap))
        (heap-key (heap-key heap)))
    (let ((left (left i))
          (right (right i)))
      (let* ((extremum (if (and (< left (heap-size heap))
                                 (heap-key (heap-ref heap left))
                                 (heap-key (heap-ref heap i))))
             (extremum (if (and (< right (heap-size heap))
                                 (heap-key (heap-ref heap right))
                                 (heap-key (heap-ref heap extremum))))
        (if (not (= extremum i))
            (begin (heap-swap! heap i extremum)
                   (heapify! heap extremum)))))))

(define-record-and-printer element key datum)

(define initial-heap-size (make-parameter 100))

(define make-max-heap
    (make-max-heap car set-car!))
   ((key key-set!)
    (make-max-heap key key-set! (make-vector (initial-heap-size)) 0))
   ((key key-set! data)
    ;; It's always 0 here, isn't it, unless we're passing in a valid
    ;; heap? In which case: use the constructor directly.
    ;; Should we build the heap automatically?
    (make-max-heap key key-set! data (vector-length data)))
   ((key key-set! data size)
    (make-heap > = -inf key key-set! data size))))

(define (figure-6.2)
  (let ((data (list->vector (map list '(16 4 10 14 7 9 3 2 8 1)))))
    (make-max-heap car set-car! data)))

(define (test-figure-6.2 testandum heap)
  (test testandum
        '#((16) (14) (10) (8) (7) (9) (3) (2) (4) (1))
        (heap-data heap)))

(let ((heap (figure-6.2)))
  (heapify! heap 1)
  (test-figure-6.2 "heapify!" heap))

(define (build-heap! heap)
  (heap-size-set! heap (vector-length (heap-data heap)))
  (let ((median (inexact->exact (floor (/ (heap-size heap) 2)))))
    ;; Should be i - 1 here?
    (do ((i (sub1 median) (sub1 i)))
        ((negative? i))
      (heapify! heap i))))

(let ((heap (figure-6.2)))
  (build-heap! heap)
  (test-figure-6.2 "build-heap!" heap))

(define (heap-extremum heap)
  (heap-ref heap 0))

(define (heap-extract-extremum! heap)
  (if (zero? (heap-size heap))
      (error "Heap underflow -- HEAP-EXTRACT-EXTREMUM!")
      (let ((extremum (heap-extremum heap)))
        (heap-set! heap 0 (heap-ref heap (- (heap-size heap) 1)))
        (heap-size-set! heap (- (heap-size heap) 1))
        (heapify! heap 0)

(let ((heap (figure-6.2)))
  (build-heap! heap)
  (test "heap-extremum" '(16) (heap-extremum heap))
  (test "heap-extract-extremum! -- extremum" '(16) (heap-extract-extremum! heap))
  (test "heap-extract-extremum! -- data"
        '#((14) (8) (10) (4) (7) (9) (3) (2) (1) (1))
        (heap-data heap)))

(define (heap-change-key! heap i new-key)
  (let ((heap->? (heap->? heap))
        (heap-=? (heap-=? heap))
        (heap-key (heap-key heap)))
    (let ((old-key (heap-key (heap-ref heap i))))
      (if (or (heap->? new-key old-key)
              (heap-=? new-key old-key))
            ((heap-key-set! heap) (heap-ref heap i) new-key)
            (do ((i i (parent i)))
                ;; Do we also need to check for (negative? i)?
                ((or (zero? i)
                     (heap->? (heap-key (heap-ref heap (parent i)))
                              (heap-key (heap-ref heap i)))))
            (heap-swap! heap i (parent i))))
          (error "Key violates heap-gradient -- HEAP-CHANGE-KEY!")))))

(define (figure-6.5)
  (let ((data (list->vector (map list '(16 14 10 8 7 9 3 2 4 1)))))
    (make-max-heap car set-car! data)))

(let ((heap (figure-6.5)))
  (heap-change-key! heap 8 15)
  (test "heap-change-key!"
        '#((16) (15) (10) (14) (7) (9) (3) (2) (8) (1))
        (heap-data heap)))

(define (heap-insert! heap element)
  (let ((heap-size (heap-size heap)))
    (if (= heap-size (heap-length heap))
        (heap-data-set! heap (vector-resize (heap-data heap) (* 2 heap-size))))
    (heap-size-set! heap (+ heap-size 1))
    (let ((key ((heap-key heap) element)))
      ((heap-key-set! heap) element (heap-inf heap))
      (heap-set! heap heap-size element)
      (heap-change-key! heap heap-size key))))

(let ((heap (figure-6.5)))
  (heap-insert! heap '(21))
  (test "heap-insert!"
        (heap-data heap)))

(define (heap-delete! heap i)
  ;; Hypothesis
  (let ((heap-size (- (heap-size heap) 1)))
    (if (negative? heap-size)
        (error "Heap underflow -- HEAP-DELETE!")
          (heap-size-set! heap heap-size)
          (heap-set! heap i (heap-ref heap heap-size))
          (heapify! heap i)))))

(let ((heap (figure-6.5)))
  (heap-delete! heap 4)
  (test "heap-delete!"
        '#((16) (14) (10) (8) (1) (9) (3) (2) (4) (1))
        (heap-data heap)))

Dynamic resizing

Do it exponentially.

Payload mechanism

CANCELED Use max instead of extremum?

I.e., with the understanding that it’s inverted in a min-heap.


  • CLOSING NOTE [2012-09-27 Thu 05:31]
    Good question.

Why aren’t there SRFIs about the fundamental datatypes: queues, stacks, heaps?