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(define-record-and-printer heap
@("The heap data-structure"
(>? "Greater-than relation for keys")
(<? "Less-than relation for keys")
(inf "Infinity w.r.t. the inequality `>?'")
(data "Vector data-store underlying heap")
(size "Size of the heap as distinct from size of data")
(membership "Mapping from data to indices")
(@to "heap"))
(define-record-and-printer element
(define (parent i)
(- (inexact->exact (floor (/ (+ i 1) 2))) 1))
(define (left i)
(+ (* 2 i) 1))
(define (right i)
(+ (* 2 i) 1 1))
(define (heap-empty? heap)
@("Is the heap empty?"
(heap "The heap to check")
(@to "boolean"))
(zero? (heap-size heap)))
(define (heap-length heap)
(vector-length (heap-data heap)))
(define (heap-ref heap i)
(vector-ref (heap-data heap) i))
(define (heap-set! heap i element)
(vector-set! (heap-data heap) i element)
(heap-membership heap)
(element-datum element)
(define (heap-swap! heap i j)
(vector-swap! (heap-data heap) i j)
(heap-membership heap)
(element-datum (heap-ref heap i))
(heap-membership heap)
(element-datum (heap-ref heap j))
(define (heap-index heap datum)
@("For a given datum, determine its index in the heap; or return
(heap "The heap in which to check")
(datum "The datum to check for")
(@to "integer or #f")
(hash-table-ref/default (heap-membership heap) datum #f))
(define (heap-member? heap datum)
@("Is this datum a member in the heap?"
(heap "The heap in which to check")
(datum "The datum to check for")
(@to "boolean"))
(and (heap-index heap datum) #t))
(define (heap-key heap datum)
@("Find the key, given the datum."
(heap "The heap in which to search")
(datum "The datum whose key to find"))
(let ((index (heap-index heap datum)))
(and index (element-key (heap-ref heap index)))))
(define (heapify!/index heap i)
(let ((heap->? (heap->? heap))
(left (left i))
(right (right i)))
(let* ((extremum (if (and (< left (heap-size heap))
(element-key (heap-ref heap left))
(element-key (heap-ref heap i))))
(extremum (if (and (< right (heap-size heap))
(element-key (heap-ref heap right))
(element-key (heap-ref heap extremum))))
(if (not (= extremum i))
(begin (heap-swap! heap i extremum)
(heapify!/index heap extremum))))))
;; (define (heapify! heap datum)
;; @("Given a heap-datum, reëstablish the heap-property."
;; (heap "The heap in which to heapify")
;; (datum "The datum whose element to heapify"))
;; (let ((i (heap-index heap datum)))
;; (if i
;; (heapify! heap i)
;; (error "Datum not found -- HEAPIFY!"))))
(define initial-heap-size
@("Initial size of the heap data-store; exponentially resized on
(make-parameter 100))
(define make-max-heap
@("Make a max-heap."
(size "Initial heap-size")
(@to "max-heap"))
(make-max-heap (initial-heap-size)))
(make-heap >
(make-vector initial-heap-size)
(define make-min-heap
@("Make a min-heap."
(size "Initial heap-size")
(@to "min-heap"))
(make-min-heap (initial-heap-size)))
(make-heap <
(make-vector initial-heap-size)
;; (define (build-heap! heap)
;; @("Heapify the entire data-store."
;; (heap "The heap to heapify"))
;; (heap-size-set! heap (vector-length (heap-data heap)))
;; (let ((median (inexact->exact (floor (/ (heap-size heap) 2)))))
;; ;; Should be i - 1 here?
;; (do ((i (sub1 median) (sub1 i)))
;; ((negative? i))
;; (heapify!/index heap i))))
(define (heap-extremum heap)
@("Peak at the heap's extremum (min or max)."
(heap "The heap at which to peek")
(@to "datum"))
(if (heap-empty? heap)
(error "Heap underflow -- HEAP-EXTREMUM")
(element-datum (heap-ref heap 0))))
(define (heap-extract-extremum! heap)
@("Return and delete the heap's extremum (min or max)."
(heap "The heap from which to extract")
(@to "datum"))
(let ((extremum (heap-extremum heap)))
(heap-set! heap 0 (heap-ref heap (- (heap-size heap) 1)))
(heap-size-set! heap (- (heap-size heap) 1))
(heapify!/index heap 0)
(define (heap-change-key!/index heap i new-key)
(let ((old-key (element-key (heap-ref heap i))))
(if ((heap-<? heap) new-key old-key)
(error "Key violates heap-gradient -- HEAP-CHANGE-KEY!")
(element-key-set! (heap-ref heap i) new-key)
(do ((i i (parent i)))
;; Do we also need to check for (negative? i)?
((or (zero? i)
((heap->? heap)
(element-key (heap-ref heap (parent i)))
(element-key (heap-ref heap i)))))
(heap-swap! heap i (parent i)))))))
(define (heap-change-key! heap datum new-key)
@("Change the key of the element with datum to new-key along the
(heap "The heap in which to change")
(datum "The datum whose key to change")
(new-key "The new key to assign to element with datum"))
(let ((i (heap-index heap datum)))
(if i
(heap-change-key!/index heap i new-key)
(error "Datum not found -- HEAP-CHANGE-KEY!"))))
;;; That's surely a bug, isn't it? Why not just insert and error out
;;; if the datum exists. On the other hand, it resembles hash-table
;;; behaviour.
(define (heap-insert! heap key datum)
@("Insert a new element into the heap if the datum does not exist;
otherwise, adjust its key."
(heap "The heap in which to insert")
(element "The element to be inserted"))
(if (heap-member? heap datum)
(heap-change-key! heap datum key)
(let ((heap-size (heap-size heap)))
(if (= heap-size (heap-length heap))
;; Exponential resizing-strategy
(heap-data-set! heap (vector-resize (heap-data heap)
(* 2 heap-size))))
(heap-size-set! heap (+ heap-size 1))
(let ((element (make-element (heap-inf heap) datum)))
(heap-set! heap heap-size element)
(heap-change-key!/index heap heap-size key)))))
(define (heap-delete!/index heap i)
@("Delete the ith element from the heap"
(heap "The heap from which to delete")
(i "The index of the element to delete")
;; Hypothesis
(let ((heap-size (- (heap-size heap) 1)))
(if (negative? heap-size)
(error "Heap underflow -- HEAP-DELETE!")
(let ((datum (element-datum (heap-ref heap i))))
;; (debug (##sys#slot datum 0)
;; (##sys#slot datum 1)
;; (##sys#slot datum 2)
;; (##sys#slot datum 3))
;; (debug (heap-member? heap datum))
(hash-table-delete! (heap-membership heap) datum)
;; (debug (heap-member? heap datum))
(heap-size-set! heap heap-size)
;; (debug (heap-member? heap datum))
(heap-set! heap i (heap-ref heap heap-size))
;; (debug (heap-member? heap datum))
(heapify!/index heap i)
;; (debug (heap-member? heap datum))
(define (heap-delete! heap datum)
@("Delete the element with datum"
(heap "The heap from which to delete")
(datum "The datum whose element to delete"))
(let ((i (heap-index heap datum)))
(if i
(heap-delete!/index heap i)
(error "Datum not found -- HEAP-DELETE!"))))
(define (element-copy element)
(make-element (element-key element)
(element-datum element)))
(define (heap-copy heap)
(let ((copy (make-heap
(heap->? heap)
(heap-<? heap)
(heap-inf heap)
(make-vector (heap-length heap))
(heap-size heap)
(hash-table-copy (heap-membership heap)))))
(lambda (i x)
(let ((element (vector-ref (heap-data heap) i)))
(when (element? element)
(vector-set! (heap-data copy) i (element-copy element)))))
(heap-data heap))
(define (heap->list heap)
@("Convert the heap into a key-sorted list of values by iteratively
extracting the extremum; see also [[heap->alist]]."
(heap "The heap to convert")
(@to "list"))
;; Or can we work on the data directly?
(let ((heap (heap-copy heap)))
(do ((list '() (cons (heap-extract-extremum! heap) list)))
((heap-empty? heap) list))))
(define (heap->alist heap)
@("Convert the heap into a key-sorted list of key-value pairs by iteratively extracting the extremum; see also [[heap->list]]."
(heap "The heap to convert")
(@to "alist"))
(let ((heap (heap-copy heap)))
(do ((list
(let ((datum (heap-extremum heap)))
(alist-cons (heap-key heap datum)
(heap-extract-extremum! heap)
((heap-empty? heap) list))))