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(use srfi-18)
(define (thunk->thread thunk)
@("Creates a thread from {{thunk}} and start the thread."
(thunk "The thunk to threadify")
(@to "thread"))
(let ((thread (make-thread thunk)))
(thread-start! thread)
(define (parallel-execute . thunks)
@("Executes thunks in parallel; returns a thunk which can be executed
to terminate the threads."
(thunks "The thunks to execute in parallel")
(@to "thunk"))
(let ((threads (map thunk->thread thunks)))
(lambda ()
(for-each thread-terminate! threads))))
(define with-mutex-locked
@("Evaluates the thunk having locked the mutex, unlocking it thereafter."
(mutex "The mutex to lock and unlock")
(thunk "The thunk to evaluate")
(conditional-variable "An optional conditional-variable to block
on at unlock")
(@to "object"))
(case-lambda ((mutex thunk)
(with-mutex-locked mutex thunk #f))
((mutex thunk conditional-variable)
(lambda () (mutex-lock! mutex))
(lambda () (mutex-unlock! mutex conditional-variable))))))
(define (make-serializer)
@("Creates a serializer which returns serialized procedures in a
common set; returns a procedure taking {{f}}, the procedure to
(@to "procedure")
(@example "Create a serializer and run some thunks."
(let ((s (make-serializer))
(x 10))
(s (lambda () (set! x (* x x))))
(s (lambda () (set! x (+ x 1))))))))
(let ((mutex (make-mutex)))
(lambda (f)
(lambda args
(with-mutex-locked mutex (lambda () (apply f args)))))))