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Developed by: @klye

An Open Source STEEM Network Text-to-Tip Bot

Tippy - Full Version - Purposely Leaked to Aide Development!
Developed by: @klye -
Proposed by: @steemitqa -
An Open Source STEEM Network Text-to-Tip Bot

By harnessing the zero fee transactions featured on the STEEM blockchain the Tippy project aims to provide an efficient and affordable way to send tips without ever having to leave the post or article you're currently on

@Tippy Help & Commands

Command Usage Example
tip -t Tip a user @tippy tip klye 1.337 STEEM
powerup -p Powerup user @tippy powerup klye 0.690 STEEM
balance -b Check Balance @tippy balance
stats -s View Statistics @tippy stats
info -i More Info @tippy info
ping -o Check Status @tippy ping
vote -v Upvote post @tippy vote
roll -d Roll dice @tippy roll 20

Admin Only Commands

Call Usage Example
flag -f Flag post
fee Set Tipping Fee @tippy fee 1%
service stop Shuts Down The Service @tippy service stop
uptime Display Uptime Info in Console @tippy uptime on/off
debug Turns Debug Output On or Off @tippy debug on/off