Yii-CMS is a content management system base on Yii 2.0
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Yii-CMS is a content management system base on Yii 2.0.


  • Creating and managing pages, posts, multilevel menus.
  • SEO-friendly URLs.
  • Edit permission management.
  • Multi-site and multi-language support.
  • Import data from WordPress.

The system requirements

  1. PHP 5.6 or higher, SwiftMailer requires PHP 7.
  2. MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL.


  1. Unpack the downloaded files to a Web-accessible folder.

    1.1. For Shared hosting environments copy all files except yii, yii.bat, README.md.

    1.2. For Self-Hosted environments copy only common, console, site1, vendor folders. Setting site1/web as the document root.

  2. Open your-site-name/install.php in your browser.

After the installation is successfully completed, you can delete install.php, console.

For Developers

Yii-CMS is a standard Yii 2.0 project. The project structure similar to the Advanced Project Template. If you are proficient in Yii 2.0, you can use Yii-CMS for your needs. If not, start here.


Configuring the RBAC permissions

The RBAC permissions are in the file common/modules/admin/rbac/Permission.php.
Add a new permission as is shown below:

const MY_PERMISSION = 'My permission description';

Get all permissions

foreach (Permission::getConstants() as $key => $value) {



The GridView widget is used to display data in a grid.


model (required)

An Active Record model.

filter (optional)

The GridView filter configuration.

'filter' => [
        'attribute' => '',//(required)
        'label' => '',//(optional)
        'operators' => [],//(optional) ['NoSet', 'Equal', 'NotEqual', 'GreaterThan', 'GreaterThanOrEqual', 'LessThan', 'LessThanOrEqual', 'Like']
		'value' => null,//(optional)
		'value' => null,//(optional)
		'valueHandler'  => null,//(optional)
		'readOnly' => false,//(optional)
		'visible' => true,//(optional)

showFilter (optional, default: false)

columns (optional)

The Yii 2 GridView column configuration

editAction (optional, default: "edit")

deleteAction (optional, default: "delete")

editActionsEnabled (optional, default: true)

pageSize (optional, default: 20)

defaultOrder (optional)

The default order

The example of using

$model = new User();
$model->scenario = User::SCENARIO_SEARCH;
echo GridView::widget([
    'model' => $model,
    'columns' => [
            'attribute' => 'username',
            'label' => Yii::t('app', 'Name'),
            'format' => 'text',
            'attribute' => 'email',
            'format' => 'text'
    'defaultOrder' => [
        'username' => SORT_ASC,


Yii-CMS is provided under MIT License.