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A curated list of awesome themes, plugins and more for Obsidian.

Table of contents

What is Obsidian?



Name Description Credits
Obsidian Day Planner Plugin for day planning and managing pomodoro timers from a task list lynchjames
Flashcards Simple and intuitive integration for Anki reuseman
Shell commands You can predefine system commands that you want to run frequently, and assign hotkeys for them. For example open external applications. Automatic execution is also supported. Jarkko Linnanvirta

External Tools


Name Description Credits
Notion to Obsidian converter Simple script to convert exported Notion notes to Obsidian. Conner Tennery
Yarle - Yet Another Rope Ladder from Evernote Node.js app to convert exported Evernote notes to Markdown (Obsidian) Akos Balasko
keep-it-markdown Convert Google Keep notes dynamically to markdown for Obsidian and Notion using the unofficial Keep API. Don Sudduth
gooseberry A command line utility to generate a knowledge base from Hypothesis annotations. out-of-cheese-error
BibleGateway to Obsidian Fetch the text from Bible Gateway and save it as formatted markdown file. Each chapter is saved as one file and navigation between files as well as a book-file is automatically created. All of the chapter files of a book are saved in its numbered folder. selfire1
DayOne JSON to MD Simple app that converts jsons (packed with media files into zip) exports from Day One to Markdown. Kirill Kleymenov
Annotation tools connecting hypothesis and Nicolas Collignon
A thousand notes Scripts for cleaning, validating and maintaining the markdown notes exported from Evernote. Davide Della Casa
PKMigrator Tools to migrate between various Personal Knowledge Management Utilities, including Remnote, Obsidian, Roam and Org-roam. Anwesh Gangula
Goodsidian Goodsidian takes updates to your shelves on Goodreads and formats them to a note in Obsidian. selfire1

Browser extensions

Name Description Credits
Markdownload A Firefox and Google Chrome extension to clip websites and download them into a readable markdown file. deathau
Copy Selection as Markdown Firefox add-on to copy a selection or link as formatted Markdown 0x6b
Obsidian Clipper An unofficial Obsidian clipper for Chrome, that allows you to easily clip a selection to a note in Obsidian Joost Plattel
Obsidian Bookmark A Chrome extension and nodejs server to allow web clipping to Obsidian. Liamballin


Name Description Credits
mdzk Zettelkasten system and command line static publishing tool. Aims at full support for Obsidian Markdown. mdzk-rs
publish An open-source Obsidian Publish alternative obsidian-userland
quartz Host your own second brain and digital garden jackyzha0
obyde A minimal tool to convert a "standardly" configured Obsidian vault to a Jekyll or Hugo blog. Khaled M. Nassar
writeup-converter Script for grabbing markdown files and Obsidian attachments from one folder and copying them to another. Also contains a 'website formatter' that uses regex to parse markdown headers and links and reformat them to create Jekyll-friendly links and contents tables. Mac Goodwin
pelican-obsidian Makes it possible to bridge work in obsidian to pelican seamlessly. Jonathan Sundqvist
yet-another-free-publish-alternative A Jekyll digital garden template, optimized for integration with Obsidian. It aims to enhance discoverability and help you build a personal knowledge base that can scale with time. Mara Li
Perlite A webbased markdown viewer optimized for Obsidian secure-77


Name Description Credits
Obsidian For Business A combination of a template vault with initial structure and some Microsoft Office VBA Macros to facilitate a powerful, extensible, and flexible plain text workflow using Microsoft Office and Obsidian For Business. Bryan Jenks
Sourcegraph knowledge bases extension Browse Markdown knowledge bases (e.g. Obsidian vaults or Foam repositories) in Sourcegraph. Robert Lin
Obweb Web applcation to view and edit files in an Obsidian vault. Optimized for mobile devices. Yukang Chen


Vault templates

Name Description Credits
Linking Your Thinking Kit This starter kit is designed to get you immediately hands-on with ways to manage your digital notes. Experiment. Learn by doing. See what methods work for you. Nick Milo
PARA Starter Kit It’s a full vault to explore around and some of the methodology for P.A.R.A. and how to get started for yourself. cotemaxime
Obsidian Starter Templates Obsidian Starter Templates gathers examples from the Obsidian community. Its broader aims are to uncover and communicate how others use backlinks and various markdown tricks and why these techniques work. masonlr
Obsidian JG Method A starter kit that follows how to use Obsidian to manage goals, tasks, notes, and software development knowledge base. joshwingreene
SlRvb’s Journaling Setup This is a deep dive into how SlRvb go about journaling the things that happen in his life. SlRvb
SlRvb’s MediaDB Setup Setup for a database vault that stores entertainment media. SlRvb

Note templates

Name Description Credits
Obsidian Templates Few templates, such as admonitions, chess plays, clipboard and others Chetachi Ezikeuzor
Template Showcase for Templater Templates for Templater made by its community. Templater Community

CSS Snippets

Small tweaks to add to your vault/.obsidian/snippets folder.

Not enough? There are many other places related to snippets:

by @Kmaasrud

πŸ“ collapsing-sidebar.css

by @deathau

Relationship lines that shows hierarchy, like in code editors.

πŸ“ bullet-point-relationship-lines.css

by @Rumen Dimitrov

Fades note's header controls and status bar items when not hovered.

πŸ“ autofading-ui.css

by @Rumen Dimitrov

πŸ“ smaller-scrollbar.css

by @Rumen Dimitrov

Increases the size of the folding gutter arrows and decreases their opacity until hovered.

πŸ“ subtler-folding-gutter-arrows.css

by @Boyd

Justifies the whole text and breaks words into two lines if needed.

πŸ“ hyphenation-and-justification.css

by @den

πŸ“ enlarge-image-on-hover.css

by @kepano & @rsdimitrov

To toggle a checkbox, place your cursor right after it, press left arrow once and then press backspace.

πŸ“ nicer-checkboxes.css

by @Thery

πŸ“ stylish-blockquotes.css

by @Cannibalox & @konhi

πŸ“ bigger-link-popup-preview.css

by @deathau

Adds custom icons for files and folders. Please read the comments in the .css file.

πŸ“ custom-icons-differing-files-and-folders.css

πŸ“ Free Version

by @ScottKillen

Adds custom icons to specific folders.

πŸ“ custom-icons-for-specific-folders.css

by @uzerper

πŸ“ tag-pills.css

by @ScottKillen

Adds custom icons to specific tags in the frontmatter section. Compatible with Tag Pills and most themes, including minimal.

πŸ“ custom-icons-for-frontmatter-tags.css

by @Shamama, @wonton & @konhi

πŸ“ outliner-for-the-outline-and-file-explorer.css

by @Piotr & @konhi

πŸ“ better-bullet-points-in-edit-mode.css

by @TClark1011

Give your images a shadow and rounded corners.

πŸ“ image-cards.css

by @zremboldt

Add more meaning and visual interest to your documents by easily grouping sets of images, videos, or even audio tracks into grid layouts.

IMPORTANT For information on requirements and how to use this snippet, see its original repo.

πŸ“ media-grid.css


πŸ“ custom-folder-files-tree.css


Most themes should be available through the Appearance => Community themes in Obsidian's settings. You can find more info at Obsidian Help/Add custom styles.

Repository Screenshot
kognise/obsidian-atom Atom
cotemaxime/obsidian-amethyst Amethyst
insanum/obsidian_gruvbox Obsidian gruvbox
insanum/obsidian_nord Obsidian Nord
jarodise/ Dracula for Obsidian
chad-bennett/warmth-obsidian-theme Warmth
dogwaddle/ Gastown
deathau/ 80s Neon
deathau/ Base2Tone
deathau/Notation-for-Obsidian Notation
deathau/obsidian-christmas-theme Christmas
Slowbad/obsidian-solarized Solarized
obsidian-ezs/obsidian-comfort-color-dark Comfort color dark
obsidian-ezs/obsidian-ursa Ursa
nickmilo/Cybertron Cybertron
kartik-karz/moonlight-obsidian Moonlight
seanwcom/Red-Graphite-for-Obsidian Red Graphite
kartik-karz/subtlegold-obsidian Subtlegold
sainadh-d/obsidian-boom Obsidian Boom
pgalliford/Obsidian-theme-Incredible-Hulk Hulk
GuangluWu/obsidian-pisum Pisum
elliotboyd/obsidian-traffic-lights Traffic Lights
mediapathic/obsidian-arsmagna-theme Ars Magna
cannibalox/Obsdn-dark-rmx Obsdn-Dark-Rmx
kepano/obsidian-minimal Minimal
rcvd/obsidian_ia obsidian_ia
bcdavasconcelos/Obsidian-Charcoal Charcoal
bcdavasconcelos/Obsidian-Panic_Mode Panic Mode
bcdavasconcelos/Obsidian-Graphite Dark Graphite
bcdavasconcelos/Obsidian-Ayu Ayu
bcdavasconcelos/Obsidian-Ayu_Mirage Ayu Mirage
bcdavasconcelos/Obsidian-GDCT GDCT
bcdavasconcelos/Obsidian-GDCT_Dark GDCT Dark
DubininDmitry/Obuntu-theme-for-Obsidian Obuntu
cannibalox/ono-sendai_obsdn Ono Sendai
whyt-byte/Blue-Topaz_Obsidian-css Blue Topaz
santiyounger/Reverie-Obsidian-Theme Reverie
ryjjin/Obsidian-Dark-Graphite-Pie-theme Dark Graphite Pie
bennyxguo/Obsidian-Obsidianite Obsidianite
ishgunacar/gitsidian Gitsidian
jamiebrynes7/clair-de-lune-obsidian-theme Clair de Lune
manassadasivuni/obsidian-molecule Molecule
sparklau/comfort-smooth Comfort Smooth
dxcore35/Suddha-theme Suddha
mgmeyers/obsidian-california-coast-theme California Coast
radekkozak/discordian Discordian
chad-bennett/al-dente-obsidian-theme Al Dente
santiyounger/Wasp-Obsidian-Theme Wasp
davidgolding/obsidian-big-sur-aesthetic Big Sur Aesthetic
lukauskas/obsidian-highlighter-theme Higlighter
SlRvb/Obsidian--ITS-Theme ITS Theme
Braweria/Spectrum Spectrum
hipstersmoothie/hipstersmoothie-obsidian-theme Hipstersmoothie
hungsu/vileplume-obsidian Vileplume
auroral-ui/aurora-obsidian-md Aurora
izumin5210/obsidian-iceberg Iceberg
bencodezen/obsidian-night-owl-theme Night Owl
chetachiezikeuzor/Yin-and-Yang-Theme Yin and Yang
shaggyfeng/obsidian-Golden-Topaz-theme Golden Topaz
shaggyfeng/obsidian-Pink-topaz-theme Pink Topaz
eleanorkonik/-palatinate Palatinate
sergey900553/obsidian_githublike_theme Dark Moss
Wittionary/mammoth-obsidian-theme Mammoth
luke-rmaki/rmaki-obsidian Rmaki
ArtexJay/Obsidian-CyberGlow Cyber Glow
johackim/obsidian-darkyan Darkyan
mrglitchbyte/obsidian_everforest Everforest
ZaherAlMajed/ Illusion
tylernguyen/obsidian-horizon Horizon
RuslanGagushin/Tokyo-Night-Obsidian-Theme Tokyo Night
nikbrunner/obsidian-deep-work-theme Deep Work
vanadium23/obsidian-blackbird-theme Blackbird
kinmury/GoldenCoffeeTheme Golden Coffee
Chrismettal/Obsidian-Behave-dark Behave dark
SMUsamaShah/Obsidian-Win98-Edition Obsidian Windows 98 Edition
dogwaddle/lizardmen-zettelkasten Lizardmen Zettelkasten
firinael/obsidian-cidreira-coast-theme Cidreira Coast
chrisgrieser/shimmering-focus Shimmering Focus
caro401/royal-velvet Royal Velvet

For Developers

Creating Themes

Creating Plugins