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Please refer to the following release notes when upgrading your version of Knockback-Navigators.js.


  • introduced css optimized transitions - now the transitions module is knockback-transitions instead of knockback-sample-transitions. Removed optoins from animations -> should all be possible to set using css classes.
  • made pane navigator check for DOM changes using setInterval to ensure an active element is always present.
  • introduced css transitions and renamed sample-transtions-jquery to default-transitions
  • made TransitionSavedState internal to pane navigators and automatically save and restore
  • renamed transition animations: CoverVertical -> SlideUp and NavigationSlide -> Slide


  • added AMD loader to all components.
  • updated kb.loadUrl and added kb.loadUrlFn so they can be called directly from an HTML View
  • renamed knockback-sample-transitions to knockback-transitions
  • XUI bug fixed: reverse on panes and appending source code


  • initial release
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