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Code for the bergprobe RTK dGPS trackers based on espruino pico and some dGPS units (Piksi Multi and Ublox M8P). Kirk Martinez, Joshua Curry, Philip Basford, Graeme Bragg, 2017, Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK See

Reminders fresh Ubuntu installs need these to test code locally:

sudo apt install python-pip

pip install pyserial

to prevent modemmanager connecting and sending AT etc: sudo systemctl disable ModemManager.service

Pico boards are programmed with: during dev time this was version 1.8.7 - we have some running the latest 1.9. on last few

My normal way is git clone micropython/tools/ -u micropythondownload.dfu

other way untested for us: sudo ./ -u 'espruino-pico-etc etc etc.dfu' is for Piksi Multi base station is for Ublox base station was 2017 for Piksi Multi rover or ublox is the version for 2018 with temp sensor. has code for the Iridium Rockblock is generic code to get data from GPS units

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