A simple wiki app built on web.py and pickle, inspired by (well is a port of actually) http://blog.kiwitobes.com/?p=18
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== simplewebpywiki.py

An experiment with web.py to discover just how little code is neccessary to create a sample wiki-style

This sample app is entirely derived from Toby Segaran's example who blogged about it here:


The major difference being that this uses pickle instead of Berkeley DB. That and I intend to check in some
additions to it for fun. As he mentions in his blog post, this isn't intended to be a real effort at the best
way to use web.py. It is a great starting point to investigate web.py however - so I wanted to share it along
with my little tweak.

== Getting Started

1. Install Python pre-requisites:

easy_install web.py

easy_install markdown

2. Startup simplewebwiki.py

$ python simplewebwiki.py

3. Visit http://localhost:8080/

And that's it.

== Have fun!