Make VST plugins appear as LADSPA Plugins.
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Make VST plugins appear as LADSPA Plugins.

vst ladspa plugin v0.1.6 - stable
-Use the new vstlibs functions to gather
 the cached AEffect structs. (non-important update)

vst ladspa plugin v0.1.5 - stable
-Fixed the worst nonrealtimeness for the default mode.
 When using realtime priority on the vstserver, it
 should not be necesarry to define LADSPAVST_RT.

vst ladspa plugin v0.1.4 - stable
-Fixed a memory leak.
-Use a mutex instead of stopping and starting parameterthread.
-Do not enable RT safe mode unless LADSPAVST_RT is exactly "1".

vst ladspa plugin v0.1.3 - stable
-Hard RT safe mode. Enabled by setting the
 "LADSPAVST_RT" environment variable to 1. Works quite
 well. While typing this I'm at the same time running ardour
 with a period of 128 processing five vst plugins. It may lower
 the soundquality (clicks, silence and loops) though, so LADSPAVST_RT
 should not be set by default. But realtime programs like Ardour
 won't work very well without it. It also introduce a latency
 on one period size for the processed data.
-Stop parameterthread temporarily when
 accessing vst sockets from other threads.
-Set parameter directly after connecting
 a port.
-Removed the run_adding code. It did not
 behave correctly.
-Added a note to the lisense.

vst ladspa plugin v0.1.2 - stable
-Moved cache code to server and library.

vst ladspa plugin v0.1.1 - stable
-Caches plugin data. Speed up.

vst ladspa plugin v0.1.0 - stable
-Added default hints.
-Added gui on off control input port for all plug-ins ("Gui_on_off")
-Put parameter setting stuff in its own thread.
-Added run_adding and set_run_adding_gain functions.

Seems to work fine now.

vst ladspa plugin v0.0.1 - alpha

Makes vst plugins located in $VST_PATH
appear as ladspa plugins.

I'm not sure how well this one actually works.
The northpole plugin seems to work, but others
dont. Oh well, its alpha for now.

Last updated 28.9.2003, Kjetil S. Matheussen / Notam.