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# * Creates the .h and .cpp files for the qt designer ui files.
# * Replace "protected" with "public" in the header files. (to avoid having to make subclasses)
# * Replace QLineEdit with MyQLineEdit so that we can override focusIn
$UIC $UIFILE | sed s/protected/public/ | sed s/QLineEdit/FocusSnifferQLineEdit/ | sed s/QListWidget/FocusSnifferQListWidget/ | sed s/QSpinBox/MyQSpinBox/| sed s/QDoubleSpinBox/FocusSnifferQDoubleSpinBox/ | sed s/QTableWidget/FocusSnifferQTableWidget/ | sed s/\ QSlider/\ MyQSlider/ | sed s/\ QCheckBox/\ MyQCheckBox/ | sed s/\ QToolButton/\ MyQButton/ | sed s:\#include\ \<QtGui/FocusSnifferQLineEdit\>://\ \ qlineedit.h: | sed s:\#include\ \<QtGui/FocusSnifferQListWidget\>://\ \ qlineedit.h: | sed s:\#include\ \<QtGui/MyQSpinBox\>://\ \ qspingox.h:| sed s:\#include\ \<QtGui/FocusSnifferQDoubleSpinBox\>://\ \ qspingox.h: | sed s:\#include\ \<QtGui/FocusSnifferQTableWidget\>://\ \ qspingox.h: >Qt_$3.h
#$UIC $UIFILE | sed s/protected/public/ | sed s/QSpinBox/MyQSpinBox/ | sed s:\#include\ \<QtGui/FocusSnifferQLineEdit\>://\ \ qlineedit.h: | sed s:\#include\ \<QtGui/MyQSpinBox\>://\ \ qspingox.h: >Qt_$3.h
$MOC Qt_$3_callbacks.h >mQt_$3_callbacks.h
#echo "class
#$UIC -impl Qt_$3.h $UIFILE | sed s/QLineEdit/FocusSnifferQLineEdit/ | sed s/QSpinBox/MyQSpinBox/ >Qt_$3.cpp
#$MOC Qt_$3.h >>Qt_$3.cpp