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MATLAB-Python engine interop bindings
C Python
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Python bindings for the MATLAB engine C API.

What works:
engOpen - Start up MATLAB engine
engClose - Shut down MATLAB engine
engGetVariable - Get a MATLAB array from the engine
engPutVariable - Send a MATLAB array to the engine
engEvalString - Execute a MATLAB command

What might work (I've never used it):
engOutputBuffer - Create a buffer to store MATLAB text output

What remains to be implemented (I don't have a need for them):
engOpenSingleUse - Start a MATLAB engine session for single, nonshared use
engGetVisible - Determine visibility of MATLAB engine session
engSetVisible - Show or hide MATLAB engine session

putVariable accepts 1 or 2D numpy floating point numpy arrays and getVariable returns 2D floating point numpy arrays.  Does not support cell arrays and will not raise an exception if you try.  Does not have the ability to know when evalString fails.
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