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blueprint reverse engineers servers for you:

  • See what's been installed.
  • Standardize development environments.
  • Share stacks with your team.
  • Generate configurations for Puppet or Chef.
  • Audit your infrastructure.

This version has been modified to function on RPM based systems running Python as old as 2.4

blueprint is DevStructure's workhorse tool that looks inside popular package managers, finds changes you made to configuration files, and archives software you built from source to generate Puppet, Chef, or shell code. Everything blueprint sees is stored in Git to be diffed and pushed. It runs on Debian and RPM based distros with Python 2.6.

Try it now!

git clone git://
cd blueprint
make && sudo make install

Not sure what to do next? The tutorial will take you from setup all the way to production with a simple web application.


blueprint is BSD-licensed. We love bug reports and pull requests!