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Terraform code for the first demo in my October 2018 Webinar on cloud security
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Demo of secrets manager in userdata.


This is the second technical example in my webinar on Securing Cloud Deployments at the Enterprise Level. The other example (AWS CentOS golden images with Packer, Ansible, and Vagrant) will not be available for public viewing.


├── modules
│   ├── kms-key
│   ├── secretsmanager-instance-profile
│   └── secretsmanager-secret
├── templates
│   ├──
│   └──
├── terraform.tfvars.example

The files in the root directory and the resources they create are listed below:

    • Generate self-signed certificates for storage in secrets manager.
    • Looks up the most recent Ubuntu 16.04 AMI in the specified region
    • Creates two EC2 instances using that AMI:
      • Secure example: One with userdata and an IAM role attached, granting access to Secrets Manager
      • Insecure example: One where the certificate is passed in via userdata.
    • Uses kms-key module to creates a KMS key to encrypt the secrets in Secrets Manager
    • Uses the secretsmanager-secret module to upload the certificates to AWS Secrets Manager, encrypted with the KMS key.
    • Uses the secretsmanager-instance-profile module to create an IAM role, policy, and instance profile.
      • The policy permissions enforce least-privilege access by:
        • limiting usage of the AWS API to the specific API calls needed, and
        • limiting resource access only to the three Secrets and the KMS key specified.
    • Creates a non-default VPC with a public subnet.
    • Creates an internet gateway
    • Creates security groups that permit all traffic within the VPC, SSH access only from allowed IPs, all outbound traffic from the VPC.
    • Creates VPC PrivateLink Endpoints so that API calls to AWS Secrets Manager and AWS KMS never leave the datacenter.
    • Builds the userdata file from and supplies the file with resources created in Terraform.

Vault guides containing insecure templates

Disclaimer: the authors wrote this code as a demo environment, not for production purposes. This shown for POC purposes, not to shame them.

See links below:


More security enhancements

More security enhancements, depending on your use case:

  • Secrets Manager Policy refinements to restrict access to the secret from:
    • A specific VPC Privatelink endpoint only.
    • A specific VPC only.
    • A specific IP Range only.

Examples for the above are in the links here.

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