Extensions for the Caliburn.Micro MVVM Framework
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Extensions for the Caliburn.Micro MVVM Framework.


After cloning the repository, run the update_packages.ps1 PowerShell-Script in the root folder to get all required NuGet packages.

Nuget Package

The CMContrib NuGet package is available at the NuGet gallery under the name Caliburn.Micro-Contrib


MVVM Dialogs

Easy way to show dialogs to the user. There are four predefined Dialogs

  • Information
  • Warning
  • Question
  • Error

For more Information see Blog post.

IResult Implementation


  • BusyResult - Locates an implementation of IBusyIndicator by searching the Visual Tree or by injecting it and activates/deactivates it.
  • DialogResult - Creates a modal DialogWindow for a Dialog, shows it to the user and stroes the response in a Property. Also enables you to automatically cancel the result for a specific answer.
  • OpenChildResult - Activate a ViewModel in a specific Conductor
  • DelegateResult - Wraps an arnitrary Action in a Result.

WPF only:

  • SaveFileResult - Result wrapper for a SaveFileDialog with fluent configuration
  • OpenFileResult - Result wrapper for an OpenFileDialog with fluent configuration
  • BrowseFolderResult - Result wrapper for a BroseFolderDialog with fluent configuration

IResult Extensions

CMContrib provides several chainable Extension Methods for IResult

  • Rescue<TException>() - Decorates the result with an error handler which is executed when an error occurs.
  • WhenChancelled() - Decorates the result with an handler which is executed when the result was cancelled.
  • AsCoroutine() - Returns an IEnumerable<IResult> which yields the IResult.
  • OnWorkerThread() - Executes the Result on a dedicated worker thread and activates the given IBusyIndactor if a message is given.


Filters are part of the full Caliburn framework. They are quite useful because they enable AOP for coroutine. Some of them are re-implemented here as Attributes

  • Rescue - Decorates the coroutine with an error handler which es executed when an error occurs during execution
  • OnWorkerThread - Delegates the execution of the coroutine to a background thread and activates the IBusyIndicator if a message is given

Syntax Extensions

  • XamlBinding - Parses Xaml Bindings ({Binding ...}) in ActionMessages, i.e Message.Attach="DoSomething({Binding Text, ElementName=UserInput})"
  • SpecialValueProperty - Parses Properties of Special Values in ActionMessages, i.e. Message.Attach="DoSomething($eventargs.Foo)"

Design Time Support

CMContrib allows you to enable Caliburn's auto binding feature during design time with an Attached Property


For every Feature there exists a sample in the Demo projects (SL & WPF). The Silverlight Demo is also available online here