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@@ -21,8 +21,6 @@ I write code in functional language Haskell, work as a developer, and study Comp
* My uncle's blog: [Lopez Ayerdi Fotografia]( - he's a photographer (Spanish)
* Our blog with Ernesto: [Referential Transparency]( - we hope to work more extensively on this.
-<span id="ref0"[0]</span> <a href="#sup0">↑</a> Free Software and Open Source software are almost the same concept but essentialy two different schools. The dichotomy lies on the politics of re-licensing. That is, Free Software has to remain always Free Software. Open Source licenses may not impose this restriction. I don't really care about the difference, I tend to use permissive licenses but I admire and believe on the principles of the Free Software Movement equally. They are only, sadly, too idealistic for this world.
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<!-- Personal -->
+ - [Literary Theory](
+ - [Financal Markets (2011)](
- [Finances](/finances)

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