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Eleventy and Sanity Blog Boilerplate

Minimal blog with Eleventy and Sanity.

This is a monorepo with a pre-configured Sanity Studio (/studio) and a very basic setup of Eleventy (/web).

Quick start

  1. npm install in the project root folder on local
  2. npm run sanity-init to reconfigure the studio with a new or existing project
  3. npm run dev to start the Studio and 11ty in watch mode
    • Sanity Studio runs on localhost:3333
    • 11ty outputs the static files in _site
  4. npm run build to build to production locally

Deploy on Netlify

You can host both the studio and the 11ty blog on Netlify as two apps. Log in to your Netlify account and add them as two separate apps with the following settings:


  • Repository: <your repository>
  • Base directory: studio
  • Build command: npm run build && cp ./netlify.toml dist
  • Publish directory: studio/dist

You have to add CORS-settings for the studio deployed on Netlify.


  • Repository: <your repository>
  • Base directory: web
  • Build command: npm run build-web
  • Publish directory: web/_site

Deploy on now

The now.json has configuration for deploying both the frontend and the studio on one now deployment. The web frontend can be browsed from the root of your now domain. The Studio can be accessed on https://<your-domain>

  1. Add a "basePath": "/studio" to sanity.json:

    "project": {
        "name": "sanity-tutorial-blog",
        "basePath": "/studio"
  2. You have to add CORS-settings for the studio deployed on now.

CORS-settings for the Studio

Go to your projects API-settings on => Settings => API => CORS origins => Click "Add" => Add domain for the now deployment + Allow credentials.


> cd studio
> sanity cors add https://<your-domain>`