Structures (e.g. JSON) validator for Python language.
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Copyright (c) 2008, 2009 by Konstantin Merenkov <>
Project's homepage:

See LICENSE file in the same directory as this README

==== About ====
Validol gives you ability to validate simple python structures.
I wrote this code to validate JSON requests.

Long story short: you want it if:
 - you are writing json-api for your service
 - you want to validate any other native data structure :)

==== Help? Documentation? ====
There are many unit tests shipped with the sourcecode. Peek there to find out
how to use validol. From what I can say, usage is very easy and "declarative".
Also, classes have some sort of docstrings.

==== Speed? ====
There is a file called
It tests large structures. Time its execution time and see if it satisfies you.
From what I can say - unless your data has thousands of items you have
no problems.

However, I will give you few tips:
1. Lists and tuples are fastest to validate.
2. Hashes are fast
3. 'Optional' type is slower but still fast enough for you not to worry.
4. Rest is okay.

If you want to validate incoming JSON objects for your RPC - you should
not worry.

==== Stability? ====
The code is stable. When I find a bug I fix it as soon as possible, however
it was a long time ago when I found anything wrong.
There are many unit tests (more than 60).