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Face Recognition Attandance System

Recognize The faces And Take Automatic Attandance. ✨

Face Recognition Logo


Motivation 😲

We seek to provide a valuable attendance service for both teachers and students. Reduce manual process errors by provide automated and a reliable attendance system uses face recognition technology.

Features πŸ“‹

  • Check Camera
  • Capture Faces
  • Train Faces
  • Recognize Faces & Attendance
  • Automatic Email

Screenshots πŸ“·

Command Line Interface

Command Line Interdace

Checking Camera

Checking Camera



Tech Used πŸ’»

Build With -

  • Python 3.7

Module Used -

All The Module are Latest Version.

Face Recognition Algorithms -

Software Used -

Installation πŸ”‘

Download or Clone the project

First Download or Clone the Project on Your Local Machine.To download the project from github press Download Zip

Download Zip


You can clone the project with git bash.To clone the project using git bash first open the git bash and write the following code

git clone


Git clone

After download, Open the project using Pycharm or VSCODE. Then we have to create an python enviroment to run the program.

create enviroment

First open the terminal or command line in the IDE.Then write the following code.

python -m venv env

Then activate the enviroment using the code below for windows.


[ Notice: If your pc don't have virtual enviroment or pip install the follow this link. How to create Virtual Enviroment ]

Installing the packages

After creating the enviroment on your project let's install the necessary packages.

pip isntall demo

To install those package open the terminal or command line and paste the code from below

pip install opencv-contrib-python
pip install numpy
pip install pandas
pip install Pillow
pip install pytest-shutil
pip install python-csv
pip install yagmail

[ **Notice: During the package installization, sometime it shows some error, to avoid those error you can install those packages as admin. ]

Test Run 🚴

After creating the enviroment and installing the packages, open the IDE terminal/command line to run the program. Using the code below.


Here is a demo to run the program. I'm Using the Pycharm IDE in my demo.

Test Run

How To Use? πŸ“

If you want to use it just follow the steps below.

  1. First download or clone the project
  2. Import the project to your favourit IDE
  3. Create an python enviroment
  4. Install all the packages
  5. Change the mail information
  6. Run the project using the command line or your IDE Run Button

Known Bugs πŸ›

This project have some bugs.

  • Student Details: In student details folder the StudentDetails.csv file don't have ID & name column.This problem show when the program run first time and create the StudentDetails.csv file automatically. To soleve the problelm just open the file and add ID & Name Column in the file and save it.
  • Auto Attachment: This is not a problem actually. The problem is before sent auto mail we have to manually change the file name. I tried to automate the attachment but i faild.

Contribute ❀️

If you want to contribute in this project feel free to do that. A contribution guideline will be a big help.

Thanks you, for contributing.

Credits πŸ’–

Thanks to Farhat Tasnim work with me.

Licence πŸ“œ

MIT Β© K.M.H. Mubin