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SuperCollider Demo

This repo is the first portion of our class SuperCollider demo for November 10. SuperCollider is an object oriented programming language based on Smalltalk and C, but focused on audio synthesis.

I've prepared two components of the demo: a file in this repo that is a soft intro to the idioms of the language, and a second live in-class demo where we actually go through the process of making sounds and building some stuff that begins to create more of a "compositional structure".

For now, only a few steps:

  • Clone this repo to... anywhere, really
  • Download SuperCollider from here
  • Install SuperCollider
  • BEFORE NOVEMBER 10 open the only other file that comes with this repo and follow along for a crash course in the language.

The intro part is not at all required, but it is really recommended. You might be totally lost in class if you don't have a decent idea of SC basics.

After the in-class portion of the demo, I'll push the in-class code to this repo so you can keep it for your records.


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