A typesafe callback system for standard C++0x.
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A typesafe callback system for standard C++0x - a bit like libsigc++

Libsigc++ has much more features, such as non-void return types, marshallers and trackable base class for automatic disconnection. Sig0x has less than 300loc, is probably faster to parse and compile, and mostly just an experiment :)


Define a signal

sig0x::Slot<int, float> event;

Bind to a function, simple variant

void func(int a, float b);


Bind to a function, 'fast' variant when function has external linkage

void func(int a, float b);
static void static_func(int a, float b);

event.bind<&static_func>(); // This won't work

Bind to a lambda

event.bind([](int a, float b){
    std::cout << "recieved two numbers: " << a << "," << b << std::endl; });

Bind to a method

struct Object {
    void func(int a, float b);
Object o;

event.bind(o, &Object::func);
// Or the 'fast' variant

Fire event

event.fire(42, 3.14f);
// Or the simple variant
event(42, 3.14f);

Disconnect from an event

auto link = event.bind(func);


Disconnect from an event, RAII-style

    sig0x::Slot<int, float>::AutoLink autolink = event.bind(func);
} // link released here

This one is particularly useful if used as a member of a class to disconnect event recievers when 'this' is deleted.

struct Object {
    sig0x::Slot<int, float>::AutoLink autolink;
    void func(int a, float b);

sig0x::Slot<int, float> event;
    std::unique_ptr<Object> o(new Object());

    o->autolink = event.with(o).bind(&Object::func);
} // o is deleted

// it's safe, no dangling link between event and the deleted o
event.fire(42, 3.14f);