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Zizany - Unity binary assets parser

Parse and extract information from Unity binary assets files, for debugging, diffing or mere curiosity.


  • cmake
  • clang++ or g++


$ cmake .
$ make
$ sudo make install


Dump file content as a json object

$ zizany dump [-tarpdlm] <filename>

Options :

  • -t, --types
    Dump structure of the stored types.
  • -a, --assets
    Dump value of the stored assets.
  • -r, --file-references
    Dump value of the file references.
  • -p, --previews
    Dump value of the stored previews.
  • -d, --type-defaults
    Dump type attributes even if they are equal to their default value.
  • -l, --file-layout
    Dump attributes related to the internal layout of the file.
  • -m, --magic
    Dump attributes whose meaning is not yet known.

Compare two files and print a list of differences

$ zizany diff <base_filename> <other_filename>

Extract previews as png files

$ zizany extract_previews [-o <path>] [<filename> ...]

Options :

  • -o <path>, --output_dir=<path>
    Select a directory where preview files will be saved.
    The directory will be created if it does not already exist.
    Defaults to the current directory.

Using zizany as a git filter

If for some reason you have binary assets in your source repository, you can configure git to use zizany as a text filter and display human readable diffs.

In .gitattributes:

*.asset diff=zizany

In .git/config:

[diff "zizany"]
    textconv = zizany dump -tarp
    binary = true


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

The gdtoa library is copyrighted by Lucent Technologies and distributed under the terms specified in the file libs/gdtoa/LICENSE.txt.


A parser for Unity binary assets files.




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