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import cPickle as pickle
except ImportError:
import pickle
from tornado.httpclient import AsyncHTTPClient
from tornado.curl_httpclient import CurlAsyncHTTPClient
class HttpWorker(object):
This worker sends pickled postponed object to a web server via
HTTP POST request and waits for a response. Response is unpickled
and passed to the callback.
Combined with traditional threaded web server like apache2 + mod_wsgi
or cherrypy this enables easy deployment, code isolation and a thread
pool for free (managed by webserver). HTTP and pickling/unpickling
the result, however, may cause a significant overhead.
Django backend implementation can be found at ``slacker.django_backend``.
HTTPClient = AsyncHTTPClient
def __init__(self, server='', path='/'):
self.url = server + path
def proceed(self, postponed, callback=None):
def on_response(response):
if callback:
result = pickle.loads(response.body)
http = self.HTTPClient()
http.fetch(self.url, on_response, method='POST', body=postponed._pickled)
class CurlHttpWorker(HttpWorker):
""" HttpWorker that uses CurlAsyncHTTPClient instead of AsyncHTTPClient """
HTTPClient = CurlAsyncHTTPClient
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