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About the game

Minecraft-Sweeper is a game for Android OS that combines puzzle element of Minesweeper and theme of Minecraft. Find out more at: SweeperCraft.com

Geeky fact: the game is written in Scala


Want to help? Please help translating the game to your language or correcting spelling for existing translations. Your help is appreciated!

New translations

For the new translations, download the two template files called strings.xml and settings.xml. The first one is more important than the second one. After translating them to your language, send them over via email.

Editing existing translation

All the current translations are available at this link. The folder values contains the default English translation, while other languages are indicated by a dash: for example Spanish translation is in values-es folder.

Inside these directories are two files that contain all the text of that language. Most of the important text is in strings.xml. Once you changed the strings you want to change, send them over to me via email. Remember to include the 'name="continue_game"' field so I would know what you changed. If your a technical person you can also submit a git pull request.

Thanks for your help!


  • Where can I report a bug?
    You can report a bug on the issue tracking page or via email.
  • Is the project open source?
    Yes. Code is on GitHub