Code from the ML4MI Boot Camp.
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Code from the UW-Madison Machine Learning for Medical Imaging (ML4MI) Boot Camp. For more information about ML4MI go to:

All the excercises are written in Keras which is corrently integrated into tensorflow. We use the Keras functional model which is a lot more flexible than the commonly used sequential model in examples.

Keras Documentations:

Bootcamp organizers:

System Requirments

Code has been tested on a machine with a NVIDIA K80 (11gb of GPU ram). To run this you need: python 3 ( ) tensorflow ( , install tensorflow-gpu if you have one)

We installed these with the following commands.

pip install tensorflow-gpu
pip install keras
pip install matplotlib
pip install numpy
pip install livelossplot
pip install conda
pip install jupyterlab
conda install scikit-image
conda install scipy
conda install -c conda-forge --no-deps pydicom

Colab from Google Research

Some of these will run on the Google research supported Colab. This is a free cloud based enviroment supported by Google. You can click on the link in the source code or go to

Working Examples:

  • FunctionFitting - Some very basic networks used for learning functions
  • ImageReconstruction - Training of an neural network to reconstruct MRI images using 1D operations
  • MaleFemaleRadiograph - Classify chest xrays as male or female
  • ImageSegmentation - Lung segmentation from CT data (need to download data yourself)

Examples missing data (work in progress):

  • AgeRegression - Regression for Age
  • ImageSynthesis - Image synthesis of brats data

Note on commits:

If you aim to push changes to this repository, please edit the jupyter notebooks and then run clear_and_convert_bash (in linux or WSL). This will convert the notebooks to python and clear the ouput.