A list of Indonesian NLP resources.
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Indonesian NLP resources

Language modeling

  1. Kompas online collection. This corpus contains Kompas online news articles from 2001-2002. See here for more info and citations.
  2. Tempo online collection. This corpus contains Tempo online news articles from 2000-2002. See here for more info and citations.

POS tagging

  1. PANL10N POS tagging. This corpus has 39K sentences and 900K word tokens.
  2. IDN tagged corpus. This corpus contains 10K sentences and 250K word tokens. The POS tags are annotated manually.

Syntactic parsing

  1. Indonesian Treebank. This corpus contains 1K parsed sentences. (constituency parsing)
  2. UD Indonesian. This corpus is provided by Universal Dependencies. Training, development, and testing split are already provided. (dependency parsing)

Machine translation

  1. PANL10N EN-ID news parallel corpus. This corpus has sentences from news articles from several categories: economy (6K sentences), international (6K sentences), science (6K sentences), and sport (4K sentences).
  2. PANL10N Indonesian translation of Penn treebank. This corpus contains Indonesian translation of the Penn treebank. In total there are 24K sentences.

Text Summarization

  1. IndoSum. A collection of 20K online news article-summary pairs belonging to 6 categories and 10 sources. It has both abstractive summaries and extractive labels.

Speech recognition

  1. TITML-IDN speech corpus. The corpus contains 20 speakers (11 male and 9 female), where each of the speaker speaks 343 utterances. The utterances are phonetically balanced.

    The corpus itself is free to use for academic/non-commercial usage, but interested party should make a formal request via email to the institution. The procedure is listed here

  2. frankydotid/Indonesian-Speech-Recognition. A small corpus of 50 utterances by a single male speaker.