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There is an overhead starting a new N-tier project and the purpose of this repository is to solve that.

This project is based on the ideas of Christos S and his article ASP.NET MVC Solution Architecture – Best Practices.


  • VS 2013 or above
  • Bower is installed

Getting Started

  • Clone the project
  • Right click on the Project.Web and set that as your default project.
  • In the project seed a user is created by default with Logins:\password!.
  • Create "C:\TestMailMessages" folder. Emails will be sent to this folder. To send email via the SMTP server please configure the settings in the web.config.

Bower Settings

The following two libraries have been installed

  • Bootstrap
  • Jquery

You might consider adding the following libraries for MVC

  • fontawesome
  • jquery-ajax-unobtrusive

Renaming the Project

  • Rename the solution
  • Rename each project
  • Go into the properties of each project and change the assembly name. (use Resharper or something similar to fix all the namespaces)
  • Rename ProjectContext.cs and ProjectSeedData.cs class (in Data project)
  • (optional) Change connection string name
    • Rename ConnectionString name in ProjectContext.cs class (may have renamed the class by this point)
    • Update web.config in the web project.
  • More instruction coming soon.

Add Domain Entities

Add domain entities as required.

Add Repositories

  • Add the domain entities to the context

public DbSet<Category> Categories { get; set; }

  • Create domain entity configuration class
public class CategoryConfiguration : EntityTypeConfiguration<Category>
        public CategoryConfiguration()
            Property(c => c.Name).IsRequired().HasMaxLength(50);
  • update onModelCreating method in the context with configurations

modelBuilder.Configurations.Add(new CategoryConfiguration());

  • Add any required data seed to the ProductSeedData.cs (possibly renamed) file.
  • Create Repository class
public class CategoryRepository : RepositoryBase<Category>, ICategoryRepository
        public CategoryRepository(IDbFactory dbFactory)
            : base(dbFactory) { }

        public Category GetCategoryByName(string categoryName)
            var category = this.DbContext.Categories.Where(c => c.Name == categoryName).FirstOrDefault();

            return category;

        public override void Update(Category entity)
            entity.DateUpdated = DateTime.Now;

    public interface ICategoryRepository : IRepository<Category>
        Category GetCategoryByName(string categoryName);

Add Services

  • Add service class for domain entity e.g.
public interface ICategoryService
        IEnumerable<Category> GetCategories(string name = null);
        Category GetCategory(int id);
        Category GetCategory(string name);
        void CreateCategory(Category category);
        void SaveCategory();

    public class CategoryService : ICategoryService
        private readonly ICategoryRepository categorysRepository;
        private readonly IUnitOfWork unitOfWork;

        public CategoryService(ICategoryRepository categorysRepository, IUnitOfWork unitOfWork)
            this.categorysRepository = categorysRepository;
            this.unitOfWork = unitOfWork;

        #region ICategoryService Members

        public IEnumerable<Category> GetCategories(string name = null)
            if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(name))
                return categorysRepository.GetAll();
                return categorysRepository.GetAll().Where(c => c.Name == name);

        public Category GetCategory(int id)
            var category = categorysRepository.GetById(id);
            return category;

        public Category GetCategory(string name)
            var category = categorysRepository.GetCategoryByName(name);
            return category;

        public void CreateCategory(Category category)

        public void SaveCategory()


Setup AutofacContainer (for dependency injection)

  • Register your first repository class with Autofac in the Web project in the Bootstrapper class's SetAutofacContainer method. Required only once.
		.Where(t => t.Name.EndsWith("Repository"))
  • Register your first service class with Autofac in the Web project in the Bootstrapper class's SetAutofacContainer method. Required only once.
    	.Where(t => t.Name.EndsWith("Service"))

Setup AutoMapper

  • Set up domain to ViewModel mappings in DomainToViewModelMappingProfile class e.g.
		protected override void Configure()
  • Set up ViewModel to domain mapping in ViewModelToDomainMappingProfile class e.g.
        protected override void Configure()
            Mapper.CreateMap<GadgetFormViewModel, Gadget>()
                .ForMember(g => g.Name, map => map.MapFrom(vm => vm.GadgetTitle))
                .ForMember(g => g.Description, map => map.MapFrom(vm => vm.GadgetDescription))
                .ForMember(g => g.Price, map => map.MapFrom(vm => vm.GadgetPrice))
                .ForMember(g => g.Image, map => map.MapFrom(vm => vm.File.FileName))
                .ForMember(g => g.CategoryID, map => map.MapFrom(vm => vm.GadgetCategory));

Configuring Security

If you need to configure the password requirements then go to the ApplicationUserManager class in the Web Project. Also in the web.config file (under the app settings), the account lockout feature can also be toggled on or off along with other relevant settings for that.

Spam Filter

Spam filter has been added in order to stop the spammers from registering on the site. The implementation of it is from Daniel Palme's blog post. Please refer to that for more information.


Currently when the user registers, an email is sent to confirm the registration. The emails will be stored to the C:\TestMailMessages folder unless the web.config is updated with different settings.

It might be useful to use the MVCMailer or something similar to create good looking email.


  • Github pages
  • Hook up AngularJs Project
  • Look into setting up WebApi with Token based authentication


  • If you get any dll errors, try cleaning the solution, check the bin folder for any old dlls and manually delete if required. Build and Try again.
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