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Unobtrusive test models creation for django

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Unobtrusive test models creation for django

django-any the explicit replacement for old-style, big and error-prone
implicit fixture files.

django-any allows to specify only fields important for test,
and fill rest by random with acceptable values.

It makes tests clean and easy to undestood, without reading fixture files.

    from django_any import any_model, WithTestDataSeed

    class TestMyShop(TestCase):
        def test_order_updates_user_account(self):
            account = any_model(Account, amount=25, user__is_active=True)
            order = any_model(Order, user=account.user, amount=10)

            account = Account.objects.get(
            self.assertEquals(15, account.amount)

The same approach available for forms also (django_any.any_form)

See docs/quickstart.txt for more details
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