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Simple vim-setting builder using neobundle.vim

Customize or copy sample settings for yourself.

Product Requirements

git and Vim >= 7.3


Simple make commands are prepared.


If you already have neobundle.vim and ~/.bundle directory, you input following command

$ make vim-install-plugins


$ make vim-make-vimproc-linux


$ make vim-make-vimproc-mac

If you don't have neobundle.vim or don't use ~/.bundle directory, you can use prepared simple command at first.

on Linux

$ git clone git://
$ cd vimrc-builder
$ make linux

on Mac

$ git clone git://
$ cd vimrc-builder
$ make mac


Input following command on vimrc-builder directory to use on sample setting

$ vim -u ./dotfiles/dot.vimrc

or add following line to your vimrc.

source /path/to/vimrc-builder/dotfiles/dot.vimrc

Install added vim-plugins

$ make install

Update vim-plugins

$ make update


Edit dotfiles/dot.vimrc and read following sample setting files.

  • vim/profiles/bundles.vim
  • vim/profiles/default.vim
  • vim/profiles/plugins.vim
  • vim/profiles/unite.vim

For example, if you want to use neobundle.vim like sample setting, copy all lines of vim/profiles/bundles.vim to top of your vimrc file.

Default Installing Plugins