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// TTWordPress.h
// TTWordPress
// Created by Karl Monaghan on 20/01/2011.
// Copyright 2011 Crayons and Brown Paper. All rights reserved.
#define WP_BASE_URL @""
#define WP_POST_LIST_TITLE @"Latest Posts"
#define WP_POST_LIST_BAR_TITLE @"Blog"
#define WP_POST_DATE_FORMAT @"HH:mm, MMMM d, yyyy"
#define WP_COMMENT_DATE_FORMAT @"HH:mm, MMMM d, yyyy"
#define WP_NAVIGATION_BAR [UIColor blackColor];
#define WP_STATUS_BAR UIStatusBarStyleBlackOpaque;
* If you are only displaying extracts on a post list page, set this to
* YES so the app knows to retrieve the full post from the site.