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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<RuleSet Name="Example StyleCop rules by Krzysztof Morcinek" Description="maintained at:, of course update it to suit your needs" ToolsVersion="14.0">
<Rules AnalyzerId="StyleCop.Analyzers" RuleNamespace="StyleCop.Analyzers">
<Rule Id="SA1003" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1009" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1101" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1111" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1122" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1200" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1201" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1202" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1204" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1300" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1309" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1310" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1313" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1400" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1516" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1611" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1614" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1615" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1618" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1633" Action="None" />
<Rule Id="SA1652" Action="None" />
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