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Change the respone of the basic_stat to show MOTD

According to the protocol definition, basic_stat contains MOTD.
The full_stat response comes with descriptions from the server
in a key, value format and what is MOTD in basic stat is returned
as __hostname__ in a full_stat by the server and is not defined
by this client.
And that is as in the protocol definition.
Closes #1
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1 parent ce85516 commit 87b5cb9d5cc9a35bf05847123684932170630f92 @kmpm committed Jan 13, 2013
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@@ -215,7 +215,7 @@ function readPacket(data){
var r = readString(data);
if(r.text !== 'splitnum'){
//basic stat
- res.hostname = r.text;
+ res.MOTD = r.text;
r = readString(data, r.offset);
res.gametype = r.text;

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