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Problem with generateToken #4

freekode opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I have a got a problem.

    throw TypeError('value is out of bounds');
TypeError: value is out of bounds
    at TypeError (<anonymous>)
    at checkInt (buffer.js:784:11)
    at Buffer.writeUInt32BE (buffer.js:848:5)
    at makePacket (C:\Users\freekode\Dropbox\devel\utils\status-server\node_modules\mcquery\mcquery.js:256:7)
    at Query.send (C:\Users\freekode\Dropbox\devel\utils\status-server\node_modules\mcquery\mcquery.js:222:13)
    at Query.basic_stat (C:\Users\freekode\Dropbox\devel\utils\status-server\node_modules\mcquery\mcquery.js:90:10)
    at C:\Users\freekode\Dropbox\devel\utils\status-server\app\node_modules\streamcraft-status\index.js:38:22
    at C:\Users\freekode\Dropbox\devel\utils\status-server\node_modules\mcquery\mcquery.js:76:9
    at deQueue (C:\Users\freekode\Dropbox\devel\utils\status-server\node_modules\mcquery\mcquery.js:188:8)
    at Socket.<anonymous> (C:\Users\freekode\Dropbox\devel\utils\status-server\node_modules\mcquery\mcquery.js:39:5)

I changed in this string maximum count (was 50000, now I put 222) and it's work. If I change maximum count to 223, will be error.

OS Windows7 x32, node.js 0.10.14


What version of the server are you connecting to, so I can try to replicate the problem ?


I've create example module for shows the problem

@kmpm kmpm closed this issue from a commit
@kmpm Generate a better idToken.
Only first 4 bits of each byte is used so we ended up
with duplicate responses if there were a lot of consecutive
requests done.
Now it masks of anything but the last 4 bits so that
we have a correct token to match against.
Closes #4
@kmpm kmpm closed this in a03c175

This is published in v0.1.1.

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