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Saffron is a preprocessor which serves as a front end for Sat4j. Saffron is to Sat4j as a higher level language is to an assembler. The user expresses his/her problem by writing a Java application using the Saffron API. When the application is run, Saffron creates a corresponding SAT problem, then applies the Sat4j API to find a solution. The Sat4j solution is analyzed by Saffron, and the bit assignments provided by Sat4j are used to construct the solution values of the original problem.

Getting Started

  1. Download Saffron source files.
  2. Download the this (or a later) version of the following Sat4j library:
    • org.sat4j.core_2.3.5.v201308161310.jar
  3. To familiarize yourself with the use of Saffron, run the numerous demo applications in the package named (of all things): demos. Extensive javadoc files can be found in the folder called: doc

Running From The Windows Terminal

For instance, here's how the NaturalNumberXorerDemo app runs in my particular Java configuration:

cd C:\Users\Kerry\.AndroidStudio2.2\system\restart\jre\bin\

java.exe -classpath "C:\Users\Kerry\git\Saffron-2.0\Saffron 2.0\bin;C:\Users\Kerry\Development\eclipse\plugins\org.sat4j.core_2.3.5.v201308161310.jar" demos.NaturalNumberXorerDemo

Built With



This project is licensed under the GPLv3 License - see the LICENSE.md file for details.


  • Daniel Le Berre provided invaluable guidance in connecting the Saffron code to the Sat4j API.