OrderedDict and OrderedSet for Julia
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OrderedDict, OrderedSet, and variants thereof are now part of DataStructures.jl (https://github.com/JuliaLang/DataStructures.jl).

Some of the functionality mentioned below (such as the deque-related functions) are not implemented there, but could be added if there is interest.

Either way, this package should be considered deprecated.


An ordered collection is simply a collection which has a particular order. This package follows the convention that the initial order is the insertion order of items in the collection, although this order can be changed via dequeue-like operations or sorting.


OrderedDict here is an Associative which retains the insertion order of elements. New key-value pairs are appended. If a key from a key-value pair already exists in the dictionary, the original value is updated, and the key remains in its original position.

In addition, many Dequeue-related functions are available:

  push!(od, (k,v))     # Adds (k,v) to the end of the dictionary
  pop!(od)             # Removes and returns the last key-value pair
  unshift!(od, (k,v))  # Adds (k,v) to the front of the dictionary
  shift!(od)           # Removes and returns the first key-value pair
  append!(od, items)   # Adds (k,v) pairs from items to the end of
                       # the dictionary

Note also that this is not necessarily a sorted dictionary, although it can be sorted with

  sort!(od)              # od is an OrderedDict()
  sortby!(od, x->od[x])  # sort by value
  od2 = sort(od)         # od is not modified

You can also sort normal dictionaries, and get a sorted OrderedDict back:

  od = sort(d)         # d is a Dict; returns a sorted OrderedDict
  #sort!(d)            # error! Dicts can't be sorted in place!


OrderedDict was implemented in a brute force manner: by copying and modifying Julia's base/dict.jl. Various other methods of wrapping Dict were tried and discarded for performance reasons.

This version has about a 40% insertion and 10% deletion slowdown compared with Dict().


(In progress...)