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@takahashim takahashim released this Jun 29, 2019 · 101 commits to master since this release

Breaking Changes

  • PDFMaker: changed to use the abstract name \reviewincludegraphics instead of \includegraphics for image placements (such as //image) (#1318)

Bug Fixes

  • reference to IDs of non-existent chapter now return standard key error (instead of internal error) (#1284)
  • fixed the value in the error message of review-compile (#1286)
  • PDFMaker: fixed the metadata of PDF page number was wrong when using review-jsbook with serial_pagination = true (#1288)
  • fixed a bug when using @<hd> to refer to headings with notoc, nodisp, or nonum (#1294)
  • PDFMaker: fixed an error in review-jlreq when using jlreq.cls version 0401 (#1298)
  • EPUBMaker: fixed a error of building EPUB2 (#1301)
  • EPUBMaker: added a workaround for a temporary folder deletion failure on Windows (#1011)
  • PDFMaker: support @<bou> (#1220)
  • PDFMaker: support old jlreq.cls (#1317)


  • added test when CHAPS: is empty (#1275)
  • PDFMaker: for safety, inline typeface commands such as \reviewtt are defined with RobustCommand (#1280)
  • EPUBMaker: added --debug option to execute in debug mode (#1281)
  • review-epub2html: added --inline-footnote option to represent footnotes as inline (#1283)
  • EPUBMaker: added metadata of the cover image on EPUB3 for iBooks (#1293)
  • PDFMaker: suppressed the unexptected page break after the caption of code list or equation in review-jsbook and review-jlreq (#1299)
  • reformatted the codes using rubocop 0.67.2 (#1297)
  • added a test of building EPUB (#1300)
  • updated Ruby versions of test target to 2.4.6, 2.5.5, and 2.6.3 (#1303)
  • improved the code of YAMLLoader (#1304)
  • raise an error when invalid level is used in bullet (#1313)
  • extracted ReVIEW::Location class (#1308)
  • avoid multi-lined English words being combined without a space in bullets and bibliographic list (only in PDFMaker, at this time) (#1312)
  • raise an error when table is empty (#1325)
  • add some tests (#1327, #1328)
  • MARKDOWNBilder: support //listnum (#1336)


  • fixed the description about header levels (#1309)


  • removed ReVIEW::Preprocessor::Strip due to it is no longer used (#1305)


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