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Takes one video and maps it onto another one...
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This will take one source video and overlay it atop another video. It does this for every frame.


Just download and run perl

To put the frames into a video file, run:

mencoder "mf://./*.jpg" -mf fps=15 -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4 -o video.mpeg

Change the fps to the input's fps.

To convert to an mp4, run:

ffmpeg -i video.mpeg -f mp4 video.mp4


  • mplayer
  • ffmpeg
  • Perl
  • GTK2-Perl
  • Perl Modules (in CPAN):
    • GD
    • Gtk2 (GTK2-Perl)
    • GStreamer
    • Math
    • ImageMagick (use for opening images, and not to solve the problem)

Installation (Detailed)

Mac OS X

Download and install MacPorts. Then run the following (it'll install more than needed, but yeah...).

sudo port install p5-gtk*
sudo port install p5-pdl
sudo port install imagemagick +perl
sudo port install mplayer
sudo port install ffmpeg sudo port upgrade --enforce-variants perl5.8 +threads

if on Snow Leopard, use mplayer-devel.

For nicer themes:

sudo port install gtk-chtheme
sudo port install gtk2-aurora


Depending on your distro, install the GTK2-Perl package... Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, and etc make it easy. Just search the repos. Other wise, this link should hopefully help...

Also install the mplayer and ffmpeg binaries for your system.


This link should help if using ActiveState or StrawberryPerl, alternatively, try Camelbox.

This program might not work on Windows for a while though...

Known Issues...

  • The progress bar lingers at 99% for a while. That's what we're told by MPlayer, so that's what we go with...
  • Create a "temp" directory in the same folder as
  • Expects the destination and source videos to have the same frame rate
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