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Station annoucement for czech model railroad.
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Station Announcement

Station announcements is client-based application. It is based on commands from hJOPserver. It is a simulation of station announcements that you know from the train stations. This project mainly aims on Raspberry Pi 3 with speaker and WiFi located in every station playing the sound. Thus, once the application is installed, it requires no further control from SSH.


  1. Clone this repository.

  2. Install Pygame's dependencies.

  3. Install pip & virtualenv

  4. Create & use virtualenv:

    $ virtualenv -p python3 sh-venv
    $ source sh-venv/bin/activate
    $ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  5. Run make all. This will create global_config.ini file.

  6. Edit global_config.ini according to your railway.

  7. Optional: run make install to install station announcement as a systemd service.

  8. Clone sound sets into shZvuky folder (transfer raw files or clone via git-lfs, see

  9. Optional: configure WiFi (see wpa_supplicant.conf).

  10. Optional: make system read-only via this script.

  11. Optional: install smblient to clone sounds via samba.

To uninstall a systemd service, run make uninstall.

Note: make install and make uninstall require access to systemd files (will usually require superuser to run this command).


There is almost no need to control the program. There is just global_config.ini file which you may adjust according to your railway layout. It is designed to be configured only once during installation. To further edits are required.

global_config.ini is used for basic configuration of device. (e.g. attribute [server] describes the name of server, which application will try to establish the communication with).

name=server H0
verbosity=debug  # (debug, info, error, critical)
path=  # path to log file, logs to stdout if empty

Soundset configuration

Each sound set contains config.ini file:

config.ini is used for changing the style of announcements. You can set either yes or no to attributes in announcement to be pronounced.

[Veronika]  # Name of the sound set, must match directory name
base=Ivona  # Parent sound set, if some files from main sound set are missing,
            # it is completed with the one from the base sound set.
            # This rule applies recursively.


This application was developed by Petr Repa as a bachelor thesis at Mendel University in Brno.


This project in available under Apache License v2.0.


If you'd like to test the app and you don't have an access to hJOPserver, you can try to run which works as hJOPserver emulator. Just run it using Python 3.* in second window of terminal.

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