Wsm communication library written in C++ & Qt
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C++ Qt Wsm library

This repository contains a fully open-source C++ library for communicating with a Wireless SpeedoMeter.

It connects to the (virtual) serial port, which is associated with Bluetooth SPP profile.


This library uses Qt's SerialPort which creates a very good cross-platform abstraction of serial port interface. Thus, the library uses Qt's mechanisms like slots and signals.

It is not usable without Qt.

There are no other requirements.


You may use this library in two major ways:

  • Simply include wsm.h header file into your project and use instance of XpressNet class.
  • Compile this project using qmake and use compiled object file.

Basic information

  • See wsm.h for API specification.
  • To change the version of this library, update both constants at file and wsm.h file. This is needed for proper behavior as a standalone-lib and plain header too.


This library was created by:

Do not hesitate to contact author in case of any troubles!


This application is released under the Apache License v2.0 .