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xbox kinect communicating with client side javascript via OSC and node.js

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node-hands is a straight forward nodejs library which provides live x, y, and z hand coordinates from an xbox kinect to the browser via if you're so inclined, click here for a demo video.


  1. install libfreenect

  2. install liblo

  3. download and run node-hands

    git clone
    cd node-hands
    npm install
    node server.js

    if you access localhost:8080 you'll have an open socket waiting for OSC messages.

  4. compile and run bionic-dj

    git submodule init
    git submodule update
    cd lib/bionic-dj
    gcc -lfreenect -llo -framework OpenGL -framework GLUT -I ~/Code/libfreenect/include bionic_dj.c

    where ~/Code/libfreenect/include is the path to your libfreenect header files

bionic-dj should now be sending OSC messages which nodejs forwards to the browser.

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